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Gestational Surrogacy In Alberta, Canada

A gestational surrogate consents to the use of her uterus and body to facilitate the healthy growth and development of the intended parent(s) embryo.  She is required to pass multiple health checks and tests to provide the best possible environment for the embryo to grow.  Sadly, some intended parents unknowingly limit themselves by judging potential surrogates by shallow societal standards of health and beauty.


There’s more to Surrogacy Screening Than Weight

Although a surrogate’s suitability includes her BMI, the numbers on the scale are not the sole factor in determining a green light on the surrogacy journey.  Her overall health and other pregnancies are discussed.  Blood work and a physical examination are also taken into account.  An overweight woman can be a healthier and better candidate for surrogacy than a thin, pretty woman with other medical concerns.


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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Your surrogate’s unconventional or conventional beauty has no bearing on her ability to provide a prime environment for your embryo to grow.  By choosing to pass over potential surrogates who may not be attractive enough for your standards, you choose to limit your chances of matching with a generous and kind-hearted surrogate.  And it’s not exaggerating or a cliché to point out that true beauty comes from the heart and soul of a person. It takes the purest of hearts to be willing to volunteer your body, emotions, time and mind during the surrogacy and birth, and that kind of beauty not only shines, but can never be forgotten.


Surrogate Mothers Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Perhaps the potential surrogate has a funny chin?  Is angular and lanky or short and round?    Maybe they have crazy hair or unusual eye colour?  All of these little things that make up a person are also inconsequential to a gestational surrogacy.   The child the surrogate is helping to grow and develop is made up of the genetics of the egg and sperm.  Look past the cover of a book to discover the undeniable truths and lessons to be learned within.  Surrogates truly do come in all different sizes, shapes and shades, but they do have some things in common, including the courage and heart it takes to trust to life and become a gestational surrogate for an individual / couple and/or family in need.

What Should Your Surrogate Mother Look Like?

Choose a surrogate that “matches” you and/or your partner.  This will be someone you build a relationship with.  You will walk the path of surrogacy together and ideally will need to communicate, relate to and support one another during highs and lows.   Many intended parents develop and build a connection that lasts a lifetime, so choose the right fit for you and your life.  And remember, kindness, courage, strength, empathy and a heart of gold mean far more than just a pretty smile.

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